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Finally, a place I can trust! The manager is always honest with me, not trying to up sell this or that that I don't need. I previously went to another car care place to get my oil changed (I drive a hybrid) and once they got in there, they told me my car only takes this particular oil, which jumped the price up from $25 to almost $80! AAMCO did it for me for their regular price - and I didn't even have to mention the prices at that other place. Joe is always fun and courteous with me, keeping me updated with calls if my car is in their shop for more than an hour. He has earned my trust, along with the Delray AAMCO - which, needless to say, is a rare thing in this business. I go to them for ALL my car care needs now.

Margaret B.

April, 2017 Local

I brought my Lincoln Town Car 2011 in for a small problem. Don the owner and his staff where Johnny on the spot and fix the problem immediately. Everyone who came in have positive things to say about the shop. This is the third time I have taking my car in and each time was a positive experience. They charge there a little for repairs and I was very satisfied. They are good people and I'll always take my car there again.

Francine W.

April, 2017 Local

This place is a true anomaly in South Florida automotive repair, these guys are good! Larry, the transmission wrench, is experienced, knowledgeable, more than competent and as big a committed professional as you can get. I brought my Lexus SC400 in for work and Sean, the manager, was straight forward and honest. He quoted me a price for the work after explaining what the job entailed and that was the price I paid. Sean called me on a regular basis to keep me informed of what was going on and when there was a problem he stood behind his work and resolved everything in a courteous manner with absolutely no friction or BS.

I'd recommend this shop to my mother!!

George P.

March, 2017 Local

New owner is very friendly and they have a very knowledgeable staff. Very satisfied with the overall service. I actually recommended Aamco to my son for his Honda which needs work on the transmission. Best pricing around!

Marty C.

February, 2017 Local

What a great place the owners are so welcoming they did a great job on my transmission a year ago and I'm just a quick checkup and they gave me a free transmission fluid change and checked out the vehicle and everything is great they also
rebuild my engine is a Northstar Cadillac engine very hard to work on nobody likes to touch it but they didn't have any problem with that I'm happy with my visit here and how well they take care of my vehicle and myself thank God for people like them who run this place it's nice to see people still have pride in their work

Gaspare L.

November, 2016 Local

These nice folks rebuilt my transmission. They were honorable, professional, prompt and courteous. They even delivered the car right to my door when it was finished! Hard to find trusted auto professionals these days, but I did. I recommend AAMCO of Delray Beach very highly. A real find!

AAMCO Customer